Art du Chi

Art du Chi: The Inner Way Perspective

Tai Ji Quan is a form of exercise based on a sequence of stylized martial art movements.
These movements are carried out very slowly and with great fluidity, without the use of muscular effort. The Chi (vital energy) which circulates within the body becomes the source of the movement.
Chi Qong in Chinese means to work with energy. In our School it is called the “Art of Chi”.
The utilisation of Chi produces the movements of Tai Ji Quan making it possible to relax our physical and mental tensions.
The teaching is free from any competitive spirit, and aims to create inner balance and harmony with the external world.
… and then, one day, the Way of the grand Masters will open.

Chi is this irreplaceable energy which is found in all forms of Life. It must be able to circulate freely in order to release all our potential, both physical and mental.
Chi is a component of life, its form of communication, the acknowledgement of one life to another, the silent messages of love.
This force obeys the human will.
By using techniques based on relaxation, breathing, Tai Ji Quan, Chi Qong, vocal techniques, energy circulation and others, it is possible to learn a new language, that of your body, or better, that of the living being. You will thus learn the correct use of a faculty specific to all living things: handling energy at will.
The exercises, techniques and methods are useful only to teach you how to do. It will be you who decides how to use them: to improve your health, your wellbeing, your dynamism, your awareness of your body, your love, yourself-realisation; for combat, success, peace, existentialism, expanding your fields of conscience, the union with the Divine.
“My only intention – writes the author – is to transmit and pay the debt which I have to my Masters who went to great pains to teach me. But my Masters also helped me to understand what is beyond the techniques and the art: Life. They showed me a way: the way of all living things, the way of conscious integration with the immense extravagance of joy which is the Way of the Life “.